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Книги о Гранаде и Альгамбре

Добро пожаловать! В этом разделе приведена подборка путеводителей и книг об Альгамбре, Гранаде и Андалусии, которые включают практическую информацию, расписания, схемы маршрутов, описание истории и чарующего мира... Расширьте свои познания!


The essential and the most practical guide

Granada local´s guide. 25 secrets

Автор: Antonio Araujo & Patricia Almarcha

This book, made by locals, will give you an insight of the best and most unique places to see. With this travel guide you will be finding about places different to those where thousands of tourists head daily. This Granada travel guide, which has not too long texts, is so easy to look up. In addition, it contains everything you need to know if you travel to the city of the Alhambra: practical tips to move around the city and its neighborhoods besides the main points of interest of each one of them, which helps you to perfectly plan your stay in Granada. This guide also includes a lot of alternative planes to fully enjoy the charm of the city; and reviews of the best places to try the delicious and famous tapas from Granada.



A travel guide for a few days

Granada in 3 Days

Автор: Guidora Team

This travel guide has been made by the Guidora Team. The authors, who live in Granada or travel there often, belong to a group of local experts and travel bloggers. So, they know the best that the city has to offer to you. If your visit to Granada is for a few days, this travel guide contains all the essentials of the city: you will find information about the monuments and fundamental places of visit; and about the best bars and restaurants to enjoy the cuisine of Granada.



For children

Pepe Mouse and his friends in Granada. Activity book with stickers

Автор: Mercedes Figuerola Martín. Illustrator: Juan Ramón Alonso Díaz de Toledo.

If you travel with children to Granada, this guide published by Everest is perfect for them. Pepe Mouse takes children on a tour in Granada, the Alpujarra and accompanies them to ski in Sierra Nevada or take a dip in Motril. It explains in an entertaining way the history of the Alhambra and the Generalife, as well as many other curiosities. This didactic guide contains stickers and lots of illustrations with which the little ones will have fun while they learn.



The most complete

Granada: a pomegranate in the hand of God

Автор: Steven Nightingale

This book is very complete and one of the best rated on Amazon. It is a mixture of travel guide and novel which makes an illustrated tour of the city of Granada through its complex history. This travelogue is also a sight of a man who lives in Granada the half of the year in Granada, so Steven Nightingale offers his own thoughts, a lot of passionate feelings about the city but always with a critical look.



Just Alhambra

The Alhambra

Автор: Robert Irwin

This guide is possibly the one with the greatest historical, artistic and scientific rigor of all that we have selected, since it has been written by Robert Irwin, a famous Islamicist. If you already know the Alhambra but want to delve deeper into the history and characteristics of the monument, this is the guide you need.



The Alhambra and the Albaicín: historical and illustrated guide

Granada, city of my dreams: an historical and artistic guide to Granada and its Moorish palace the Alhambra

Автор: Lawrence Bohme

The best thing about this guide is that it has been prepared by a passionate about Granada. It is an exhaustive but pleasant tour of the Alhambra and the Albaicín. Lawrence «Lorenzo» Bohme tells us and illustrates at the same time the story of two of the most important places in Granada based on rigorous historical and artistic documentation.

This guide is perfect if your intention is to walk around Granada and get to know it in a calm way. Lawrence Bohme's drawings will help you imagine how the events which the author tells us developed and imagine how ancient Granada could be.



For lovers of secrets

Secret Granada

Автор: César Requesens

A city like Granada, with so much history, is full of secrets. This guide offers an itinerary around the unknown places even for the people of Granada. Erotic chapels, a subterranean route of the river which crosses the center of the city, a secret library... Secret Granada, it is an entertaining and simple compilation of Granada's inner-history and its people which will catch you from the first moment. An essential guide to get to know the city beyond its streets and monuments.



Granada through García Lorca

Lorca's Granada: a practical guide

Автор: Ian Gibson

A different way to get acquainted with a city is through the life of its most distinguished neighbors. This is what Ian Gibson does, a specialist in the life and work of Federico García Lorca. Gibson proposes a pleasant and peaceful itinerary through the poet's native Granada and the most important places where he lived and developed his work. Visit spaces of the capital such as the Huerta de San Vicente, the former house of the Rosales family or the birthplace of García Lorca in the Vega de Granada. With this guide you can get to know Granada through the life and work of one of the best poets in Spanish literature.



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